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Silicon Service SRL is a company founded in 1999 in close relation with the activity of the "Gh. Asachi" Technical University of Iasi (Departments of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications and of Automatic Control and Computer Science). Currently, the company performs its activity in two locations, that is, in the cities of Iasi and Suceava. Both of them are academic centres with specialized IT departments and also county capitals with direct means of access by air (airport) and by land (roads, railways).


Silicon Service was conceived as an “ASIC design house”. At the time, it was a true "pioneer" when it came to the introduction and application of these technologies in Romania. Over the time, it trained more than 200 specialists in full flow Analog and Digital IC Design, ASIC Design Verification, EDA SW design and programming and in embedded systems. Another activity of the company consists in the maintenance of a R&D nucleus which develops industrial applications with embedded systems, such as: Position and Movement Sensor (it was awarded the gold medal at the 2006 Exhibition from Brussels), Radio module for water meters and Electronic intelligent flow meter.


Some of the strengths of Silicon Service are the following:

  • the diversity of specialties, which allows the development of complex projects and ensures a “library” of general public knowledge accessible to the employed engineers.
  • the organizational culture strongly oriented towards the clients’ creative servicing (orientation towards the discovery of real-time solutions), and a very keen team spirit.
  • flexibility in performing the company’s operations.


The company works with a nucleus of specialist engineers in the fields aforesaid, their experience being gained in projects performed both for blue chip companies and medium & small companies. As far as the geographic area is concerned, the company has been servicing for clients from the USA, Israel and Germany.


Keeping up the relationship with the academic environment, by employing in our projects professors who work in the previously mentioned departments, stands for one of the company’s particularities. This fact equally had a social impact at least in the beginnings of the company’s existence, by training some generations of new engineers that have graduated with specialized practical knowledge.


As we can attract industrial partners interested in investing in projects, we are eligible for European funding. To this respect, we work with a nucleus of technical and economic specialists who can develop such projects, providing their consulting and management, altogether.


In addition to the vast range of services related to integrated and software circuit design, we are potential partners in the implementation of offshore solutions for the investors interested in developing their business in Romania, as company CEOs or managers.


During the last 15 years we have developed several dedicated teams for various customers and various needs including Nasdaq listed companies (largest team 37 engineers).
We have the capability of recruiting and training the best graduates from the local technical Universities.
We provide high quality, stability and reliability of the teams.
We are flexible in terms of business model and we work for our clients satisfaction (remote staffing, BOT, others).

Turn Key Outsourcing Project
Silicon Service will deliver the project based on agreed specifications.

Per Month
You may use Silicon Service’s engineers to solve you peek HR demands.

Set up remote operation (BOT)
Silicon Service will set up and manage for you a team of engineers as your remote R&D team, based on an a business model (such as: hybrid-captive remote staffing model, BOT model).


ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system certification no. C.400/12.03.2017


ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management system certification no. M.327/12.03.2017


ISO 18001:2008 Occupational health and safety management system no. OH.141/12.03.2017


ISO 27001:2005 Information security management system no. SI.35/12.03.2017

First place in Top Business Romania Small Companies

First place in Top Business Romania Small Companies - IASI county 2014

First place in Top Business Romania Small Companies

First place in Top Business Romania Small Companies - IASI county 2013

Third place INVEST –INVENT

Third place INVEST – INVENT related to OSIM registered Patent #126052 (Electronic control system for returnless fuel delivery module)

Silicon Service Silicon Service Silicon Service Silicon Service
Silicon Service Silicon Service Silicon Service Silicon Service

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